Henrik Marstal

Henrik Marstal, writer and musician from Copenhagen, Denmark



12192967_1523279997992297_787417816_oRobert Franken, digital & diversity consultant, speaker, blogger, coach and mentor from Cologne, Germany. More at



Michael E.W. Ney, feminist, coach, consultant and assistant lecturer for communication & conflict resolution with a focus on diversity and gender reflection, from Magdeburg (Germany). More at


Dirk von GehlenDirk von Gehlen, journalist and author from Munich, Germany. He works as Head of Social Media/Innovation at Sueddeutsche Zeitung. More at


Andy Edwards, technology and music business executive from London, UK. Andy is board director at Music Managers Forum (MMF). More at:


Karsten Jahn, Knowledge Worker, Coach & Consultant for Agile and Digital Transformation from Duesseldorf, Germany. More at:



manHerrmann Mann grew up as a male in Germany and means well. He does not mean any harm.


14359909_10210560805524965_1265329597_oVincent-Immanuel Herr, activist, writer, and feminist from Berlin, Germany. His work focuses on Europe, youth empowerment, and gender equality. More at


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